Obama care will require all americans to be implanted with RFID chips 2014 YAH is the only way to salvation through his son Yahoshua mistakenly called god and jesus.. greek names..
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24 thoughts on “RFID CHIP PROCEDURE! OBAMA CARE 2014

  1. I will NOT receive this fucking chip either!! I will fight for me and my family to the end!! It is the mark of the beast…period

  2. That fake ass nigger malato dick bitch puppet cunt can send whoever he feels obligated to send to my house. theres gonna be a whole bunch a dead motherfuckers. I WILL NEVER ALLOW MY FAMILY TO BE IMPLANTED WITH MICROCHIPS! PERIOD! I am not afraid to die for this, but I promise I’ll take plenty with me…..

  3. Yep. A wicked and adulterous generation looks for signs and miracles. But if they only opened their eyes and studied, it is SO obvious the signs point to an almighty God! :D

  4. oh belive me i think about this all the time,,the problem is too many people just say that cant happen when its al;ready starting to happen,,,i still cant belive how many people refuse to see thew truft…

  5. Don’t listen to the ignorant hateful comments. We have prophesy coming to fruition that we who listen and watch can see clearly, and all the nay sayers can come back at us with is that we are idiots and bigots. Ironic. That is the lowest form of arguing, when you can only attack the person because you cannot attack the message. Stay strong sister. All you can do is pray for these people to eventually see the truth. They are deceived at the moment because it was written that it has to happen. <3

  6. Its about pacemakers and other medical stuff.Republicans are just trying to make you scared.
    They know you believe everything without questioning just as your religion.

  7. Consider this…A marker small enough to be injected into every person without their consent or knowledge via a vaccine. If there was a generated crisis in the form of an epidemic, under Obamacare, all citizens will be forced to take the vaccine or be banned from school and work as well as the general population.You will be tagged in some way so all can see that you have taken the vaccine. If not you are banned from society, from school and work, from family, detained for an indefinate period…


  9. they will have to kill me before they will do this to my kids , me and or even my cat ! just so all of you know the guy who pattoned this thing is an Iranian the original design has a cyanide capsule in it and wtf are they gonna do with that ?? time to start a revolution , this is a major violation of our AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHT’S ! Obama you are a SELL OUT !

  10. the antichrist is coming and his mark 666 is ready for all of us and it is the RFID chip! listen to Barack Obama saying “yes, we can” and after that, listen to this backwards and you will hear the phrase: thank you satan! God bless you! the new world order is near, be prepared for that! it is Orwell’s 1984 “the brave new world”, the realm of darkness demons everywhere hunting for people’s souls! iron maiden dream of mirrors! blue is human red is evil!

  11. You are all bunch of ignorant fools,ingrate bunch!! Switzeland and Japan passed the same version of Obamacare decades ago they’re now at the top of the chart when it comes to mortality rate while U.S is currently at the bottom of the list. I guess you’re satisfied with doctors charging you 10grand just for a check-up? Long live Obama!!

  12. Suicide, blasphemy against Holy Spirit (rejecting salvation through Jesus Christ), worship of antichrist (pale gay flying Jew with red eyes, who moves like superman and makes fire come down from the sky), receiving mark of the beast (666 tattoo by lasers), & going into UFO ship to be healed by demons lead to hell. When people stretch hands to receive small grey plastic world passport 666 tattoo is given by lasers;food stores will be set up to laser people;police will laser people on highways.

  13. god are coming back,in the blible is writen that all person have to bring a symbol of beast,in the right hand or at the front,wake up people before it is to late.wars,deseases,tsunamis,earthquacks,apocalypse are coming

  14. Hahaha, you people really need to go research exactly what RFID is and how it works. The majority of these comments are so far off base and so sensational it’s just ridiculous. Stop trying to find 666 in everything and simply educate yourselves. And not on youtube. Go read the datasheets for yourself and make your own decision. Don’t let a paranoid youtube video from some obscure person convince you of anything.

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